Sunday, July 19, 2015

Charter Schools, Race, and Urban Space

Last week seven of us had a great first discussion around our visions for the group looking at Charter Schools, Race, and Urban Space by Kristen Buras.  We spent some time sharing who we were, the contexts from which we are coming, the questions/ideas we have as themes for conversation, and upon the thoughtfulness of the group, shared the school contexts where we grew up.  We also spent some time thinking about our initial reactions to the title of the text, and developing some questions for examination as the group continues.  Our group was a mix of teachers from public district schools, public charter schools, administrative roles, and parent roles, bringing in a variety of perspectives that we are hoping to expand as we move forward.  Here are the questions that we are thinking about as we move forward.

Our goal is to think about these questions from the perspective of how charters look in the larger landscape in New Orleans AND in Philadelphia.

1) How do charter and district school models perpetuate or fight injustice?
2) What constituencies do charters serve?
3) How do charters split communities around race?
4) What does choice mean and look like?
5) What makes a school public?  
6) What does equity look like?
7) What is transparency? (Definitions, what's happening? where does the money go?)
8) What does "whiteness as property" mean?  What does market dispossession mean?
9) How do and have communities fight dispossession?
10) What is the role and presence of unions around charter schools?
11) Where does resistance meet the the market?
12) What is the future of charter schools?
13) How does race intersect with jobs, public financial assistance, and unions with regards to charter schools?

Amazing questions.  We have a lot to think about.  Please join us at our next meeting this Thursday.  

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  1. you all do great work and i really appreciate the social advocacy you all do to raise awareness about public education. how often do you meet? can i join the club?