Saturday, August 5, 2017

Just Mercy, Final Meeting

The "Just Mercy" book club had it's 2nd and final meeting yesterday, August 2nd.  Very small attendance of three, but good discussion.  The topic of criminal justice reform is quite complex, but the need as delineated in this great book is urgent and ongoing.  However, there have been 2 favorable Supreme Court rulings regarding juveniles which we agreed were directly related to Bryan Stevenson's work over his career.  Information about these rulings can be found at There was discussion about how important language is in terms of labeling individuals who have served time in prison, and even related this to how important it is to both think & reflect on how we speak to our students.  

We don't have any particular next steps related to our reading & discussing of this book.  I believe we will all recommend that it is an important book to be read.  We ended by discussing some service learning topics and resources.

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