Thursday, July 14, 2016

From #BlackLivesMatter to Black Liberation

In the recent week, we have seen the intensifying of the call for action and justice with a mass re-activation of social protest against the continued injustices of the US police state. As we continue on with this book club, I hope that it allows us space to gather ourselves, build momentum, and contribute in both the street-level protests and beyond. 

I had this idea of writing up a neatly written synopsis on our last meeting from what I understood; we covered a lot of ground. There's a very amateur-ish scribing that I put together in one of the photos. From dismantling myths of racial progress to accounting for the internalizing of traumatizing logics about ourselves and our choices that hide the system's role in creating it...

But then Keeanga dropped this today and I thought what better to focus on than taking our readings and bringing them to our current reality:

Please continue to use this forum as a space to reflect on the book or pre-emptive questions that we can continue using in our book group. If you would like to publish as a blog post, let me know! Read more at offered Chapter 2 and Chapter 3 in the last session as "to be read", Keeanga sent me an email this morning adding Chapter 5 as significant.

So check out the photos, which include some questions we hope to carry into future dialogue and get prepared for our next session, on July 19th5-7pm.  

I also think it would be great to begin a conversation here about ways you have contributed (physically, financially, socially, etc.), or are seeking to contribute to this current moment in the movement. As we move toward the DNC, we are seeing a significant rise in actions, all useful, and all pointing us to new visions. There are lots of roles we all can play. 

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