Thursday, July 20, 2017

Discipline Over Punishment, Update & Next Meeting Tomorrow!

We are meeting tomorrow Thursday, July 20th from 4-6 pm at One PA, 5027 Baltimore Ave

We had a great conversation and a lot of interesting ideas raised. We look forward to delving even deeper this week. 

We will be discussing Chapters 3-5. Below are some discussion questions we will use to start off the conversation:

How does our education system set us up to reinforce putative/oppressive systems?
How can we build community and relationships to engage the creative maladjustment (definition on page 41) and righteous indignation we encounter in our students?
What are some successful relationship building models or techniques you have used to lay the groundwork for strong community?
What opportunities and challenges do you see in the Students Justice Panel? How could the model relate to your own setting?

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!
Tamara and Kendra

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  1. Yeah education system needs some improvement. I think this meeting had very serious issues to discuss. Our preschool also conducted an informative meeting for the parents at the local meeting space San Francisco and we discussed various things on how to treat kids at home.